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Likelihood is, when you're browsing for a brand new desktop or laptop computer, it'll come filled with the newest version of Home windows. If we are yielding in the 5% to five.5% range then we are able to reinvest a few of that cash movement in 15% property, it may possibly provide extra worth to our unit holders over time. So sure, we predict we're in an incredible spot, where we added lots to our on-line collateral to showcase all products. Our current infrastructure of elements haven't solely supplied us with new lengthy-time period, demand-based revenues but have also advantageously positioned our pipelines to serve what we're just now really beginning the experience such as you heard from Tony a brand new important growing end use market demand alongside the Texas and Louisiana gulf coast. We had a 5.6% improve in our cash distribution, 1.three times distribution coverage which once more excludes the proceeds from the sale of belongings. visit inspiron 15-3521 motherboard
In that mid-continent area, the sort of Texas - Bahamas border, about ninety,000 barrels a day. Good morning, as Bill mentioned my identify is Jim Cisarik and I've accountability for pure gas assets in Texas and Louisiana as well as the enterprise improvement relating to our pure gas business round these states. Comp average ticket elevated 5.1% and comp transactions elevated 2.7%. Commodity price inflation in lumber, building materials and copper positively impacted average ticket growth by roughly one hundred and five foundation factors. So all this throughout a time when fuel costs contact beneath $2, a yr ago April and the spreads we skilled throughout Texas in 2012 common mainly less than $0.02, and from basically Waha at the Henry hub lower than $0.07 last yr.

So much to speak about right now and now we have left room again for the formal Q&A and then over lunch at present and after the presentation there will probably be time to meet with members of our group and get a bit more perception. The natural gasoline liquids, notably ethane now are also approaching form of the on the shelf status if you'll, they need market. I'll speak very briefly about these and I assume; you heard this from Jim however on the availability aspect, what we're all about is providing these producers with movement assurance and versatile access to one of the best markets and we do that through our vehicles. My presentation at this time will focus primarily on our Texas and Louisiana intrastate pipelines and our recently developed natural fuel infrastructure expansions into what we see as really world-class natural basins in the states of Texas and Louisiana.
We have an actual give attention to, let's get the sort of connectivity in pure gasoline and crude oil that we get pleasure from in NGLs to the end consumer market. The DellĀ Inspiron model encompasses the corporate's low- to midrange laptops and desktops. In our mind taking assets that yield 6%, 7% returns and reinvesting that in tasks which have mid-teen returns provides loads of worth for our unit holders and albeit we've checked out assets that are not that significant to us, that are not core to us and try to determine method to both monetize them or repurpose them. And our legacy south Texas system which is fairly Eagle Ford, provides about 90,000 barrels a day. And that is why we have a tendency to have a look at our business on the half and not the quarters as a result of there all the time whether or not you are yr-on-year compares from the other stock that have an effect on that we talked to about in the first half that at all times occurs.

So the majority of this 5 billion cubic ft a day requires giant diameter, high stress functionality of delivering this pure fuel and what our develop connectivity of these world scale natural fuel basins, we are completely positioned to serve it. And assume relatively, if you're not in that top 25% of producers, we now have the very best acreage within the plays and they are doing the best job, at the average gasoline value of $2.eighty three in 2012, we did not have an excellent yr. We've mentioned it earlier than but for a few of you that haven't heard it, that system is actually pipeline related for natural gasoline liquids to each ethylene plant in the United States, there's no one else who can say that. You may be hearing extra about initiatives in round these exciting performs from our senior managers at this time.
What I did here is I plotted our gasoline and our liquid systems on the Gulf Coast together and penciled in some facsimile of our NGL pipeline as our base-map for the remainder of our speak right here at present. This could present some fairly interesting accretion for our unit holders as these projects come on-line and albeit we could be extra excited concerning the future. It's a very massive line, a 36 inch line and nicely thank you John (inaudible) and I feel we are going to function that like we operate loads of our NGL pipelines and bidirectional back service and we will provide the Taxes Metropolis market. But I believe that market connectivity cannot be duplicated, I do not suppose people can afford it. We have proven that we are able to repurpose belongings and you're going to hear a lot about that as we speak.
He subsequently lowered his income and profit outlook for the fourth quarter while recognizing that the price minimize is probably going included in the guidance. We think that the deep water gulf goes to be all about crude oil, there will be some gas opportunities and we've got some assets and we can provide some help to folks with fuel but we're focusing more on crude oil. We talked about an getting older housing inventory, home family formation and residential price appreciation and it's possible you'll say, properly, house costs are actually high haven't actually totally recovered with the heat and the trough however just as they have however on an efficient enterprise, there's nonetheless down double digits. I wish to spend a few minutes talking about natural fuel demand.

In that mid-continent area, the form of Texas - Bahamas border, about ninety,000 barrels a day. Good morning, as Invoice talked about my identify is Jim Cisarik and I've accountability for natural fuel belongings in Texas and Louisiana in addition to the business development regarding our pure gasoline business round these states. Comp common ticket increased 5.1% and comp transactions elevated 2.7%. Commodity price inflation in lumber, constructing materials and copper positively impacted common ticket development by roughly one zero five foundation points. So all this during a time when gas prices touch under $2, a 12 months in the past April and the spreads we skilled throughout Texas in 2012 average basically less than $0.02, and from principally Waha on the Henry hub lower than $zero.07 last yr.
I'm going to speak about three of these right now unregulated NGLs that are primarily gasoline gathering processing fractionation pipelines and storage onshore crude oil and crude oil advertising which I think speaks for itself after which our offshore business and the Jim Cisarik will be kind sufficient to observe me up and speak concerning the fourth one which is pure fuel providers. For example, natural gasoline prices between 2003 and 2008 provided the inducement for producers probe for and develop these natural-gasoline bearing shales. Everyone's examine Seaway, we repurposed Seaway, now we're looping it, the ATAX pipeline we're repurposing a good a part of the TE merchandise pipeline to deliver ethane down and then Tom Zulim's going to talk about our Diluent undertaking the place we are repurposing one other part of the TE products pipeline.

Now we have our third pure gasoline processing practice at Yoakum up and running, so it's producing like crazy. A part of my job is buyer data so I spend time with our marketing folks and our enterprise improvement people. The massive classes large last 3 years in the past are massive at this time, it is plenty of bathtub, plenty of biting, a lot of power tools, et cetera, these continue to be big companies. You possible don't have a lot of storage space, and it's solely a matter of time before all these old graphics playing cards and desktop towers start bursting out of your closets. Unlike several different Windows-powered laptop computer manufacturers, Dell has relatively easy naming conventions. We have nice innovation coming from Ring and partnering with Ring for a while, they've given us a number of launch exclusives as well as nuance product exclusives, I feel that greatest speaks to their confidence and Dwelling Depot's ability to bring that type of product to market to promote it. But we're experimenting with how we show the product till now we're working warehouse.
Beginning in January of 2002, you see that worth of natural fuel and oil worth is tracked one another fairly effectively, significantly after we bought into the boom-boom days of early 2008 and then you definately see they crashed collectively. To place this story in perspective, you have to go back into the late 70s where the Louisiana Parishes over which Acadian's pipeline traverses were producing over 9 billion cubic toes a day and subsequently supplying the majority of the region's fuel to the Louisiana Mississippi river hall. And our third prize is mainly just now materializing, you already know brought upon by this great natural fuel useful resource, the emergence of new end user demand growth is now developing. Lenovo ThinkPadĀ is the company's enterprise line of notebooks, however the computers have an enormous consumer fan base that swears by the laptops for their reliability.

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