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Pepper Spray For Self Defense- How Can It Deliver The Results?

A pepper spray is amongst the most reliable self-defense weapons anyone can buy right now. It is non-lethal as well as can be purchased in a lot of styles and sizes. The spray works on a biological level as the spray that contains capsicum is going to enter the potential attacker’s eyes and make them slam shut.

It is going to then swell the membranes and result in excessive tearing. The spray also gets in the nasal passages and throat making it very difficult for the enemy to breath. This makes the attacker choke and gasp for air. Today, the grains of the spray are smaller sized and finer making it easier for the spray to penetrate the soft tissues.

The spray is going to affect the enemy for long enough for you to escape and call for help. Many of the sprays also have a dye that may mark the enemy for later identification. This makes it easy for authorities to locate an assailant.

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