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Polyurethane Sandwich Panel Production Line

The composite board product of polyurethane as core material is made up of upper and lower color steel plate and center foamed polyurethane. In 2008, WEIHUA equipped whole PU sandwich panel discontinuous manufacturing pu sandwich panel line line to Angola, together with roll forming machine and foaming meeting machine. In 2008, WEIHUA equipped entire PU sandwich panel continuous Production line and door panel line to Henan Xuji TREMENDOUS ELEVATE CO.
Our discontinuous Polyurethane Sandwich Panel Production Line is the semi-automatic tools that can constantly and effectively produce polyurethane sandwich panels of beautiful and diverse shapes. Roof panels, wall panels and door panels are made mainly of metallic section support and polyurethane insulating mass; The capability of the continuous line is 4-14m/min, size of the Production line is 100m, the size of the ultimate panel is 3-18m long, 900-1200mm large, 30-250mm thick, the valid size of double belt conveyor is 30m, the entire energy is 300KW.
This design can even assist shoppers to improve the road in future and keep away from the disadvantage which in regards to the normal line in can't improve and in addition can bring the limitless worth for the shopper. The entire ling use TOYOTA administration kind , use 5S system and show board management,customary working, quick shift sort to improve the Production high quality and insure the line working secure. The ECOFONT panel has been invented by POLYFONT and is composed of excessive density PET foam laminated with GRP both sides.

The estimated annual Production capacity of this new IsoCindu plant is 7.5 million sq. meters of panels annually. The surface of metal or steel wall panels is simply too simple to be ornament useful, and metal doesn't preserve heating neither, and because of the advancement of metallic fabrication expertise, the improved decorative wall panels have been created: Ornament Patterns Embossed (Engraved or Printed) Steel and PU or Polyurethane Insulated Wall Panels. Italy Tech Environment friendly Polyurethane PU Sandwich Panel Production Line is widely used for producing Polyurethane(PU)/ EPS/ Rockwool sandwich roof and wall panels for construction.
All in all, the energy consumption of the whole industrial meeting line equals 40% and even much less of the equal strains available in the market. Thanks to our good design and strict quality control, the commercial Production line offered by Sinowa is optimized in terms of the noise, oil contamination, leakage and, most importantly of all, in dust air pollution.
Roof panels, wall panels and door panels are made primarily of metallic section help and polyurethane insulating mass; The capacity of the continuous line is 4-14m/min, size of the Production line is 100m, the dimensions of the ultimate panel is three-18m lengthy, 900-1200mm extensive, 30-250mm thick, the legitimate length of double belt conveyor is 30m, the full power is 300KW.

Looking for used discontinuous PU panel machine 2x2 with hydrolic demolding and heating system. The discontinuous Production methodology consists within the polyurethane foam mixture pouring or injection into the cavity between two facings inside the platens of a standing press. All steady sandwich panel strains at a glancethicknesses and profiles andas an optionwith a core structure product of polyurethane or mineral wool.
Heated air recycle oven,strictly control the temperature of PU foaming and solidification in appropriate vary. Special double belt conveyor design guarantee flat surface,even thickness and anti-deformation of the sandwich panel. The economic Production line of Sinowa adopts essentially the most superior ideas in the world to comprehend the modularized design with all of the parts bolted together fairly than welded. In standardized Production, the parts might be dismantled and exchanged, so the Production cycle is drastically shortened and the upkeep becomes by far easier. The progressive design and perfect process management has significantly increased our product's Production effectivity.

Upon the end of feeding, the press will close and slant at a angle, waiting for injecting PU uncooked supplies from the PU mixing head into completely different panels. Presently, mould frames on worktables moved out for taking out the finished merchandise, then to be ready for subsequent Production cycle. Our PU sandwich panel Production line is one line that integrates advanced mechanical, chemical, electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic applied sciences. Our equipment is capable of non-stop manufacturing, thus ensuring a constant degree of Production.
Sinowa's Production line of soft layer insulation panels can produce PU and PF insulation panels, together with cement cloth, kraft paper, non-woven fabrics, aluminum foil as well as bare-floor insulation panels, which are extensively used in multiple events, such as the buildings, decorations, pipeline ventilation, underground railway, and so forth.
After 10-30 minutes (according to PU material and operation experience), lift the press, move the moulding body, then get the PU sandwich panel. Our PU sandwich Production line use the standard blocks design, use blocks and standards design sort can meet completely different shoppers requirement, and in addition can save plenty of time in design and likewise quick the supply time and assembling and commissioning time.

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