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SALT Mobile - Deliberate deception by Salt?

Have you If not do this right NOW!

Clients From all around the world feel cheated, lied and ripped off!

But, Might it be true? From my website YES!

For two Years I was a Salt customer. In the beginning, super fulfilled! Today just disappointed and annoyed! The con of Salt. To send reminders for bogus services and so to pull the money out of the customer's pocket! In the end, Salt is often more expensive than the competition. After I cancelled my subscription, then there was an increase. Salt has intentionally delivered a wrong bill and requested 100. - CHF more! After objection, the entire was passed on to the exam. After the 100. - CHF has been credited, and also a further reminder has been raised! Salt Mobile:


• Customer Support cubes the phone.

• Notional amounts are billed.

• Reminder prices are enforced that arise in the fictitious amounts

• Clients are cheated after which threatened

Regrettably, I am not alone with this adventure!

They Maintain low the subscription prices, by introducing outrageous administrative Penalty charges for delayed payments up to more than 100% of the due payment. Borderline to criminal conduct. Stay off or do you want to do this to yourself?

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