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The Best Personal Protection Device You Can Use

This one of a kind stun device covers your knuckles and is simple to grip. The Knuckle Blaster Stun Gun can not be very easily taken from you since you have it held in your own fist. In case anyone does try to get it, you will very easily be able to zap them. With a normal defensive position, you are ready to protect oneself.

With just a touch to your opponent, you instantly repel them. Longer contact will cause even more disorientation and after some seconds may perhaps drop them to their knees. Press it on them for as long as possible!

This patented stun knuckles device has a soft rubber skin and is measured to allow all hand sizes. It is also ambidextrous so you can use your left or your right hand to make use of this device.

Positive grip makes certain you'll be ready for anything. Once this beast is in your hand, you immediately have the ability to unleash it's powerload by just squeezing using your finger that's already on the trigger.

A safety switch is built in as well as accessible with your thumb. As soon as you grab the Knuckle Blaster stun gun you can flip off the safety and zap using the very same hand. No need to make use of two hands.

Comes with a durable nylon belt holster made to allow fast access and also deployment of this wonderful Taser knuckle.

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