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The Perfect Stun Device To Have For Personal Defense

Stun devices are effective as well as easy to use personal defense weapons. It make use of high voltage and low amperage to briefly incapacitate an assailant for several minutes. The stun gun does not depend on pain for results. The energy stored in the gun is dumped into the attacker’s muscle tissues causing them to perform a great deal of work rapidly. This fast work cycle instantly depletes the attacker’s blood sugar by changing this to lactic acid. Simply speaking, he is unable to generate energy for his muscles, and his body is not able to function properly. The stun weapon also interrupts the tiny neurological impulses which handle and direct voluntary muscle movement. When the attacker’s neuromuscular system is overwhelmed and controlled by the stun gun he will lose his balance. Should the assailant be touching you, the current will NOT pass to your body!

The grip activated Talon stun gun offers you effective protection with it's 18 Million volt supercharged electronics. Quickly delivers highly charged stopping power.

It also features a blinding 120 Lumens LED flashlight and also a silicone coating for an excellent grip. You can bring the Talon in your hand, pocket, or within the nylon belt holster that’s included.

The Talon has a charging cord to recharge the stun gun and flashlight. The NiCad batteries utilized in the device are rechargeable.

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